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For animals rumen protected methionine and choline

application suggestion

In the feed of dairy cows in the peak of lactation, in order to optimize methionine and choline supply. It contains methionine and choline in a rumen-protective form.

Dairy cow: 20-80 g/day


25 kg, in paper bags linde with polyethylene

importance of methionine and choline supply in the feeding of high yielding dairy cows

Choline plays a central role in the metabolism of fats, as it is one of the activators of the fats effusing from the liver. The non-protected choline dissolves in the rumen, therefore in case of the dairy cows it is practical to feed in a protected form. The protected choline improves the milk-productivity of cows and it also ensures protection against fatty-liver syndrome.

Methionine is one of the most important essential amino acids to dairy cows, especially in case of the corn-soybean meal based diet. Methionine must be provided for the cows in a rumen-protected form as well, because the rumen-microbes also dissolve the methionine. As a result of the protected (bypass) methionine supplementation, the production of the cows increases and it also has a role in preventing certain metabolic diseases (e.g.: ketosis). Feeding bypass methionine improves the protein content of milk and the amount of protein produced with the daily milk.

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