Drench products


The technological solutions of the VITADEX drench product line, developed and produced by our company, ensure the efficient application both under large- and small scale farming conditions, while they suit to the work order of the settlement.

The high-level of automatization optimizes the time-expenditure of the operator and brings an end to his physical labour, it reduces the load of the treated animal. The inbuilt steering unit helps the more effective dissolution of the drench product, which results in a homogenous mixture that increases the therapeutic efficiency.

Through the options of the product line, a multi-directional usage becomes available, while the basic equipment remains unvaried, so the costs of further development would remain favourable.

drench equipment

The control and liquid container units are being carried by a trolley, which increases the mobility of the device during the usage.

The manipulators controlling the drench are located on the facade of the control unit. The electromechanical fittings, directly controlling the drenching and liquid refilling, are fixed to the closing cap of the liquid container unit.

The cap together with the fitting are easy to remove, which simplifiesthecleaning of the liquid tank and the maintenance of the electromechanical elements (situated) in it.

Control unit:

  • time/liquid volume start buttons
  • steering motor starter button
  • emergency stop button
  • liquid temperature display
  • accumulator

Liquid container unit:

  • steering motor
  •  pump
  •  liquid thermometer
  • cold/hot liquid refilling taps
  • drench-pipe coupling
  • drench-material supplying window

The refilling taps makes the continuous liquid supply possible, from any distance, during drenching.

The drench-material supplying window provides an opportunity to add the drench-material from above, without removing the closing cap. From the material added this way, through continuous steering, the equipment produces a nearly homogenous mixture.

The bayonet-joint drench-pipe coupling insures the quick assembly of the equipment. The liquid effluent outlet is made of high-clearance Teflon, which provides an abrasion-resistant, highly even surface.So it is easier for the probe to enter, and the risk of organ injuries are minimalized. The multi-holed shape of the effluent equalizes the liquid pressure.

EQuipment options

The equipment has two exchangeable options and a sampling unit (under development), which can be attached to both options. The options (OP-01 and OP-02) can be placed to the same liquid containertank,they differ in the quantity of liquid they can convey during a specified unit of time.

OP-01 (10l/0,5min; 20l/1min; 30l/1,5min)
OP-02 (10l/1min; 20l/2min; 30l/3min)

drenching material

The Fresh-GO and Drench-GO products developed to the equipment provides an alternative solution to the prevention and treatment of animal health problem during transaction time.


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