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Feed supplement for freshly calved cows

Our specialists – adapted to our consumers’ needs – assembled a concentrated drench product with new composition for freshly calved cows, which is suitable to prevent problems occurring in the postpartum period.

Some critical factors in the period around calving:

  • lower feed intake,
  • abomasum displacement,
  • acute calcium deficiency → calving paralysis,
  • negative energy balance (NEB),
  • other metabolic diseases (e.g. acidosis, ketosis, fatty liver syndrome etc.)

 Using the product offered by us can provide a solution to get through the critical period of postpartum without any problems.


  • Consuming a large amount of liquid right after calving, minimizes the risk of abomasum displacement and improves the feed intake of animals.
  • The easily utilizable energy sources (e.g.: dextrose, whey-powder) in the product help in the alleviation of energy deficiency condition of postpartum.
  • It contains perfectly utilizable protein sources (milk protein concentrate, urea, yeast).
  • The living yeast and the baking soda help to maintain the optimal pH-value of rumen fluid.
  • The milk-derived components and the Ca-propionate in the product are readily absorbable sources of calcium in the postpartum period.
  • The added methionine and niacin protect against the development of ketosis and as an effect of niacin utilization in the rumen, the activity of rumen microbes improves, and the efficiency of microbe protein synthesis increases.



In case of every freshly calved cow, it is recommended to provide – using a drenching device – one dose (1 kg) of FRESH-GO product in the rumen after calving. In problematic cases it is suggested to drench a daily dose (1 kg) of FRESH-GO product over several days!


Dissolve the content of one packet (1 kg) in 20-30 litres of warm water! If possible, drenching of the animals with the product should happen within a short time after calving.


1 kg plastic packet (15 pieces of packets/box) or 20 kg padded paper bag.

DOWNLOAD the leaflet of the product in pdf version.

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