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Correcting the results of reproduction biology and pig-breeding

In the previous years, ADEXGO Kft. has developed an omega-3 fat-product with special fatty-acid content, with the name “REPRO-GO-M”, which can be successfully used for improving reproduction-biological and fertilization results of monogastric animals (for instance: breeding-sow, broiler and laying hen stocks. The product also has special effect on the feeding of young animals (e.g.: pig). It is known that as a consequence of the corn-soya based feeding, the monogastric animals eat feed, of which fatty-acid rate is n-6:n-3 broader than the optimal; thus their catering is incomplete regarding the physiologically important n-3 fatty-acids (pl. C18:3, C20:5 and C22:6).

For the basic body of REPRO-GO-M we use high EPA (C20:5, n-3) and DHA (C22:6, n-3) content fish-oil, flax-seed (linseed) rich in α-linolenic-acid (C18:3, n-3), furthermore natural anti-oxidants (tocopherols).




  • It has a positive effect on the functioning of the ovary.
  • The rate of occurrence regarding embryo-mortification decreases.
  • The litter-number improves.
  • The EPA (C20:5) and DHA-content (C22:6) of sow-milk increases, which has a favourable effect on the development of pigs.



  • It has a positive effect on the rate of the normal-built spermatozoa and motilities.



  • It supports the development of the nervous system, the development of the proper eyesight, the construction of the genitalia and it also strengthens the capability of resistance.
  • Reduction of mortality % around the wearing period.
  • Moderation of inflamed procedures, support of resistance against infectious illnesses.

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