Functional Food

The most important principle of Adexgo Ltd. is to develop health protecting foods (e.g.: milk, egg, meat) that can reach out to the widest circle of consumers, thereby contributing to the reduction of diseases resulting from unhealthy diet. This is why the first product of Adexgo Ltd., the GRASS MILK was developed.

what are functional foods?

We use the term functional food on foods that can prevent – due to their special nutrient content – or at least slow down the development of several diseases if they are consumed over a prolonged time.

GRASS MILK + vitamin D

GRASS MILK + vitamin D 0.2 L packages of UHT milk with added vitamin D „rich in vitamin D”

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Grass Cocoa Milk + vitamin D

GRASS COCOA MILK+vitamin D 0.2 L packages, 3.0% (m/m) fat-content, enriched with vitamin D, ultra-high temperature (UHT), homogenized cacao milk

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Multifunctional Egg

Egg products with CLA from Adexgo Ltd.

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Premium Pork

Pork rich in omega-3 fatty acids and CLA

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