Activities of ADEXGO Kft. in the field of correlative analytical technologies

We are committed to the modernization of analytical technologies and the broad dissemination of new methods. Through our extensive experience and wide network of manufacturers and distributors, we help our partners in selecting the optimal instrument, accessories, or software. The different intelligent systems help our partners to develop rapid, reliable, cost-effective, sustainable measurement and control solutions.


Our goals:

  • Development of correlative analytical technologies by combining non-destructive detection methods (e.g. spectroscopy and artificial aroma analysis) and multivariate data analysis.
  • Developing fast, reliable and cost-effective, environmentally friendly (green) analytical solutions that are compatible with the requirements of sustainable agricultural production, precision farming and the modern food industry.



  • Guidance and advisory
  • Technical support (hardware, software)
  • R & D



  • Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)
  • Artificial aroma analysis (instrumental odor and taste sensing, electronic nose, electronic tongue)
  • Remote sensing (Imaging techniques)
  • Chemometrics, biometrics (statistics, multivariate data analysis)
  • Big data analysis (data mining)


Some examples of applications:

  • Vegetation evaluation based on remote sensing hyperspectral images.
  • Sample composition and quality assurance with NIR camera either on the production line, in plant conditions, or on the warehouse shelves, with automated or manual systems.
  • Developing on-line test solutions in environments where previously it was unimaginable (e.g. in vivo determination of rumen content).
  • Fixing the aroma profile of the product for quality assurance and identification purposes.
  • Masking unwanted odors with additional scents, or creating a desired aroma based on the instrumental fragrance and taste profile.
  • Collecting and evaluating data from different locations and sources to support decision-making systems.