About Us


ADEXGO Kft. is mainly engaged in the production and distribution of complementary feeds and feed additives. These products provide cost-effective solutions to the specific problems of intensively farmed livestock (dairy cows, pigs, poultry).

Our factory in Balatonfüred enables us to produce products with good value for money through our own manufacturing technology. Our company is 100% Hungarian owned.


As the core activity of our company is the development of supplementary feeds for special needs and the development of alternative feeding protocols, in recent years we have been focusing on the analysis of the quality parameters of feeds and animal products, including their organoleptic characteristics and its objective description. At the beginning of 2018, we started our activity (consulting, research) in the field of correlative analytical technologies in cooperation with domestic companies in the feed and food industry. In January 2019, we set up a laboratory for the development and application of rapid analytical methods in Herceghalom, and the related innovation activities have been organized into a new business division: Correltech®.


Since 2009, ADEXGO Kft. has successfully participated in several domestic and European Union projects as a consortium member (in cooperation with domestic and foreign universities, research institutes, SMEs and large companies). Our R&D proposals are related to animal husbandry, animal nutrition and development of functional food of animal origin. The many years of experience, high level of skill and professional knowledge of our specialists enable us to manage and coordinate our projects independently from the writing to the end of the maintenance period.

The aim of our new service package (Projeactive®) is to assist our partners and clients in applying, managing, coordinating and successfully implementing granted projects. We have references in all these areas.