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ADEXGO launched Correltech Laboratory

ADEXGO launched Correltech Laboratory

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Since April 2019, research work has been going on in the laboratory of ADEXGO Kft. hired in Herceghalom, at the Research Institute for Animal Breeding, Nutrition and Meat Science of the National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre. The entirely new infrastructure provides unique possibilities for research and development projects fitting in the profile of the Correltech division of ADEXGO. These projects mostly focus on NIR spectroscopy and electronic aroma sensing technologies.


The major activities of the Correltech Laboratory include testing of handheld NIR devices and development of novel applications. Furthermore, a separation technology based aroma sensing and analyzing system, so-called electronic-nose has been installed, providing great potentials in R&D projects with its capability to detect and describe volatile compounds of samples with various consistency.


The investment and the activity of the lab have been co-financed by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office through the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund, under the “2018-1.3.1-VKE-2018-00014” research grant project.


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