Scientific publication in PLoS ONE journal

Hungarian researchers were the first in the world to publish the results of digestive physiological studies based on electromyographic measurements performed on awake, growing pigs kept under farm conditions. The scientific publication presenting the results of the...

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Novelties in the field of urea production

ADEXGO Kft. has developed a new technology in the field of slow-release urea production. It has long been known that feeding of the widely used slow-release urea products, which have slow degradability in the rumen is safer than natural (untreated) feed grade urea,...

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ADEXGO launched Correltech Laboratory

Since April 2019, research work has been going on in the laboratory of ADEXGO Kft. hired in Herceghalom, at the Research Institute for Animal Breeding, Nutrition and Meat Science of the National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre. The entirely new...

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ADEXGO Kft. is GMP+ certified

Recently, the GMP+ feed safety assurance scheme has been introduced in our manufacturing plant and business. In July 2018, ADEXGO Kft. closed a successful audit and obtained the „GMP+ B1 Production and Trade and Services” certificate. Whether it is production, sales...

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ADEXGO’s new patent

The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office granted a patent for ADEXGO Kft.   Title of the invention: Feed additives and methods for their production Patent registration number: 230845 Applicant's name: ADEXGO Industries, Trading and Services Limited Liability...

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Product Award 2018 goes to ADEXGO

The joint development projects of ADEXGO Kft. and Vitafort Zrt. have been honored with the Prize for the Hungarian Animal Husbandry for several years. In 2018, with the Canadian Jefo Nutrition Inc., a joint proposal was submitted for the "Product Award for the...

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ADEXGO at the Pathway-27 Final Meeting

The closing meeting of the EU FP7 “Pathway-27” project, which terminates at the end of January 2018, was held in Cesenova, Italy, on 9-10 January 2018. The event was attended by Dr. Tamás Tóth, Dr. Éva Csavajda, and Dr. Hajnalka Hingyi, representing ADEXGO Kft.. The...

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Certificate of FDA Registered Facility

Adexgo Ltd is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This Certificate verifies that the described facility has been registered properly with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Download Certificate [PDF]

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About us

ADEXGO Kft. was established in 2005 to ensure the preclinical background of pharmaceutical and dietary supplement product development.


The company has been carrying out intensive scientific research and commercial activity in the field of production and marketing of health promoting functional foods, supplementary feeds, and feed additives since 2007.


Lapostelki street 13.
H-8230 Balatonfüred, Hungary

+36 20 614 9150
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