Complementary feed for ruminants

The exogenous enzymes and rumen-stable glucose in EAZY-GO improve the digestibility of feed components and thus increases the energy supply of animals. The exogenous enzymes’ mode of action is based on synergistic effect with endogenous enzymes working the rumen. Exogenous enzymes, through their “exploratory” function, improve the binding capacity of rumen microbes to their substrates, thereby increasing their ability to colonize and break down nutrients more effectively. The product contains the enzyme extracts of 2 fungal and 1 bacterial species (T. viride, A. oryzae, B. subtilis) earned by fermentation process. Activities: protease, α-amylase, cellulase.

Rumen-stable glucose improves the degradation of feed (crude protein and fibre) in the rumen, provides easily accessible energy absorbed from the small intestine and, in addition to improving milk production, helps to reduce metabolic problems in the postpartum period. Due to the mutually reinforcing effect of the exogenous enzymes and the rumen-stable glucose, nutrients degrade more efficiently in the rumen, which stimulates the activity of the microflora and at the same time results in more efficient rumen fermentation. As a result of more efficient utilization of nutrients, the amount of manure and greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, CH4) reduce and thus the environmental impact too.


Directions for use

Recommended dose for dairy cows: 300g/animal/day mixed into feed of animals in the transition (peri-calving) and high milk production periods.

The product is available also for dairy sheep and goat nutrition in the dose of 50-100g/animal/day.



Feeding of EAZY-GO improves the digestibility of nutrients and provides efficiently utilized, progressively available energy for the animals, which results in:

  • increased milk production
  • enhanced amount of milk protein and fat
  • decreased rate of body condition loss and thus the rate of culling
  • reduced incidence of metabolic diseases in the herd
  • decreased performance loss in case of summer heat stress
  • improved reproduction results
  • improved protein utilization (lower milk urea levels)
  • reduced environmental impact through better feed utilization.

EAZY-GO has a significant return on investment.


  Rumen-protected glucose product for dairy ruminating animals Due to...

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