Instrumental Aroma Analysis

The effect of the feed source on milk was under review

The increasingly frequent use of new feed sources makes it necessary to investigate the effect of different feeds on milk quality. We carried out research based on fatty acid analysis and aroma profile analysis, during which we compared the milk of cows fed with new...

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We contributed to a bee pollen aroma study

A complex study by scientists of MATE presents a classification approach of bee pollen by means of different methodologies. Tests for volatile components were performed in the Correltech® laboratory of ADEXGO Kft. Based on the results, another area of application...

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Aroma analysis to improve yoghurt making

Based on the aroma tests performed in the Correltech® laboratory of ADEXGO Kft., scientists of MATE performed the classification of dairy products fermented with Lactobacillus strains showing different probiotic potentials. The study raises the possibility that the...

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