FeedFunctional Food

Besides the developments of functional foods, Adexgo Ltd. deals with the manufacturing of feed supplements and feed additive premixes as well. These products offer cost effective solutions to the special problems of intensive farm livestock.

The sugar-supply of high producing dairy cows can be solved by Mela-Dry (dried molasses) which is a jointly developed product of several companies. Our retard urea based products (Karba-GO-75Mela-GO-50) help to satisfy the needs of rumen protein. Rumen protected methionine and choline supplements (Kol-GO-42, Met-GO-70, Met-Kol-70) improve the milk production and the protein content of milk and in addition play a role in the prevention of some metabolic diseases.

We developed special fat supplements (Repro-GO, Repro-GO-M) with omega-3 fatty acids to improve the results of reproduction biology of high producing dairy cows and monogastric animals (e.g.: breeding sows).

The efficiency of our special feed supplements were confirmed by model tests conducted in universities and research institutes and by feeding trials on farms as well.

Drench products

Products to improve reproduction results

Increasing protein supply of ruminants – Retard urea products

Products for the prevention of metabolic diseases

Products to improve the energy and/or sugar supply of the livestock

The most important principle of Adexgo Ltd. is to develop health protecting foods (e.g.: milk, egg, meat) that can reach out to the widest circle of consumers, thereby contributing to the reduction of diseases resulting from unhealthy diet. This is why the first product of Adexgo Ltd., the GRASS MILK was developed.


We use the term functional food on foods that can prevent – due to their special nutrient content – or at least slow down the development of several diseases if they are consumed over a prolonged time.